Men’s Windbreaker Jacket Mockup

PSD Object Mockups Tutorial

Watch our how-to video and don’t miss a thing

Your apparel designs will stand out! Watch this video from start to finish and discover the complete process of editing apparel mockups. If you still have some questions or you want us to create more tutorials and videos on how to use Yellow Images products - just contact us and share your feedback.

Let’s take Men's Lightweight Hooded Windbreaker Jacket - Front Half-Side View.

After opening the mockup you will find WINDBREAKER folder consisting of several elements: HIGHLIGHTS, SHADOWS, SMARTS folder, PARTS MERGED, PARTS folder, FULL COLOR, BLANK IMAGE and BACKGROUND. Let’s look through them in detail.

Highlights and shadows layers to emphasize the shape of the object

Adjust the intensity of highlights and shadows the way you need. It is possible to vary the opacity and fill of each layer until you see the perfect result and optimize the entire look of the jacket.

Add your design easily

Individual smart objects in the SMARTS folder allow you to add design to every part of the jacket.
Just click Front Jersey Design, drag your elements to the opened document and save changes. Your design is already there!

Let’s make the jacket brighter by adding color and some design to other parts. FULL COLOR and SHOULDER DESIGN layers allow you to do it in a minute.

Separate clipping masks for every part!

You do not have to waste your time - we have done everything by ourselves. Find PARTS folder, choose the needed element, apply changes and enjoy the simplicity!

Note: for your comfort and better performance each mockup from the apparels category has PARTS MERGED layer. If you prefer using Magic Wand tool (W) instead of clipping masks you can take it and make a selection of every part.

Each mockup also contains BLANK IMAGE.
You can use it if you need a plain picture without any design or colored elements.

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