Brand Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in using Yellow Images brand assets. This guide provides general rules of our identity usage. Please review the correct and incorrect usage examples below.

Yellow Images Logotype

Download logo .AI, .EPS, .PSD files

Yellow Images Icon

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Yellow Images Color Scheme

Yellow Images SUN
Yellow Images DARK


Montserrat (Regular, Bold)


You should…

Use our icon or logotype to link to Yellow Images.
Use Yellow Images brand assets to create example designs for your product previews on our marketplace or in your design portfolio.
Use our identity to advertise your items, creative store or profile page on Yellow Images marketplace.
Use our brand assets in the media concerning Yellow Images.

You should not…

Use Yellow Images identity for your application’s icon, website, or create a modified version of it.
Use Yellow Images logo integrated into your identity, brand or logo.
Use the individual words "Yellow" and "Images" in other scale ratios or lock-up. Don’t pair the icon with the logotype.
Use Yellow Images logotype or icon in any other way if not approved by us.

No negative images! :(
Positive only! :)

Need help? If you have any questions or concerns regarding Yellow Images corporate identity usage, or experiencing difficulties with files, please contact us.