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What’s cooking?

This tutorial will make you wanna eat. Watch the full timelapse video to see how we created this poster with tempting and caloric burger. Enjoy! If you want us to create more tutorials and videos of Yellow Images products in action - just contact us and share your feedback.

We’re seriously passionate about burgers here at Yellow Images. Fair enough, it’s one of the simplest yet tastiest meals in the world. Nothing beats a good old classy burger, so make yours stand out by advertising them right! PNG Images are here to help.

Foodservice industry works ultrafast, so install our Add-on for PNG Images to keep up. It’s free! Create amazing artworks and add new images right there without ever leaving Photoshop.

We aim to create a gravity free burger, where all the elements would be sort of leaped up into the air. This way we will show all the ingredients and enhance the volume of the burger stack. So first off, we’re setting the layout. We place grilled sesame buns right from the Add-on search field to mark the top and bottom points. Then go beef, cheese, pickles and tomato slices. All juicy, fresh and bright. At this stage we don’t really focus on their exact position and angle because we will always be able to adjust them with Add-on Spin & Rotate tool.

TIP: Add layer masks to every element of your composition beforehand. It will prevent them from the influence of adjustment layers or filters you will apply to them later. On top of that, it will help you keep the file more organised from the very beginning. It’s always easier to work with something that is clear and structured, right?

Boost the calories! We want this burger to satisfy any hunger. Onion for aroma, bacon for taste, lettuce for texture, eggs for nutrition. And don’t be stingy with the topping! Splashes are the perfect solution for that. PNG Images splashes are especially comfortable to work with, mostly because one splash can look completely different from various sides. This way you can use just one image rather than searching for several suitable options.

Now, when we are sure that all ingredients look elegant and delicious enough, we can convert the objects into the high-resolution mode before we go ahead and finalize the image.

TIP: Add-on has two work modes for PNG Images, Speed and Quality. You’ll find them in the Settings tab. Select Speed while building a composition and changing the angles of objects. Speed mode degrades the quality of 360° objects and shortens the processing time. Once you’re happy with the composition you got and ready to finalize the artwork, switch to Quality to reveal the high-resolution image. Make sure to press Update button every time you change the modes.

There’re many sophisticated studies proving that thoughtful presentation leads to a more enjoyable meal. We couldn’t agree more! It’s all about the contrast, colors, shades and highlights, all these cues, which trigger our senses and drive us to eat. So throw in some Photoshop magic to make your poster look more appetizing. Intensify the volume by adding drop shadows. Accentuate the gloss with brush tools. Uplift the contrast with levels and curves. You are free to try out any of numerous Photoshop tools. PNG Images are the perfect canvas due to their smooth lighting and high detalization.

Final touches. Add a flattering background, branding elements, and a catchy sign. Complement the colors of the food you’re advertising. If it’s something that's meant to warm you up on a cold evening and give you a good portion of calories, add warm colors. If, on the contrary, it’s something refreshing, use cool tones, like we did in our Juicy Ice-Cream Poster Tutorial. Et voilà, the mighty burger poster is done!

Beef burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, cheeseburgers, salmon burgers, no bread burgers, low carbs burgers, red burgers, black burgers, tall burgers, small burgers... There are so many takes on this global dish! But don’t worry, you’ll find all these ingredients in our PNG Images library. If not, we’ll make it for you, just send us your request. Create attractive presentations with Yellow Images and watch your clients get in line.

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