Sport Mockups Bundle

Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
Sport Mockups Bundle
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Product description

Get 100 PSD with sport items: 14 animated and 86 static mockups with up to 65% discount. Animated uniforms, clothing, equipment, caps, accessories and much more are in this huge sports mockup collection. Inside the bundle are bestsellers such as a rotating hoodie, polo, pants, volleyball & soccer balls, which you can grab for half the price.

System requirements:
• Photoshop CC 2013 - 2023 (25.3)
• Photoshop 2023 (25.3) - last update - is not supported

Watch an exported video:

Watch the exported gif animations:

Product includes:
• 14 psd with animated mockups;
• 86 psd with static mockups (front, back and side view);
• 3 ice arena backgrounds;
• 11 basketball hall backgrounds;
• 1 animated background;
• 16 background textures;
• instructions.txt (with links to video-tutorials);

Editable elements:
• color and design for each item;
• element's color for each item;
• highlights;
• shadows;
• background;

Inside the bundle:
• Soccer Kit Animated Mockup -
• American Football Uniform Animated Mockup -
• Hoodie Animated Mockup -
• Men's Polo Shirt Animated Mockup -
• V-neck T-shirt Animated Mockup -
• Long Sleeve T-shirt Animated Mockup -
• Tank Top Animated Mockup -
• Sport Shorts Animated Mockup -
• Track Pants Animated Mockup -
• Leggings Animated Mockup -
• Women's Shorts Mockup -
• Sport Bra Mockups -
• Sweatpants Animated Mockup -
• Baseball Cap Animated Mockup -
• Fan Scarf Mockups Set -
• Helmet Mockups Set -
• Backpack Mockup -
• Soccer Ball Animated Mockup -
• Volleyball Ball Animated Mockup -
• Swimsuit Mockups Set -
• Surfboard Mockups Set -
• Swim Cap Mockups Set -
• Paraglider Mockups Set -
• Ice Skates Mockups Set -
• Ice Arena Backgrounds -
• Basketball Hall Backgrounds -

Animation types:
• looped animation of 360° rotation;

Save animation as:
• animated gif;
• mp4 video;
• jpg, png sequence;

• Check system requirements and follow the video instructions, links to which are in a text file called "instructions.txt";
• Check the compatibility of your Photoshop and get it ready to work with an animated 3d mockup -

• If you are using Photoshop 22.4 - 25.3 then to work with this mockup you need to go Photoshop Preferences-Technology previews and enable Deactivate Native Canvas. You will need then to close and restart Photoshop;
• Since version 2023 (25.4) to the latest update inclusive, Photoshop has excluded some functions related to 3D objects, therefore, to use this mockup you need to downgrade to a lower version of Photoshop up to 25.3. See how to get the Photoshop version back here -
• Some distortions of the texture overlay and overlay shifting during animation are possible;
• Patterns and textures used in previews are not included in product.

Have any questions? Let us know.


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Demo mockups are intended for testing purposes only. Products downloaded under this license can only be used for display on a personal computer or for making image prints for personal use. They cannot be used for ads or other commercial purposes. Proper attribution is required, crediting Yellow Images and including the mockup web page link in your project or on your website.

Standard License

Works for small commercial and non-commercial projects. Covers projects valued at 10,000 USD or less. Allows social media posting, and digital and printed ads on local markets. Can't be used for native and web apps or games.

Enhanced License

Best for larger commercial and non-commercial projects, regardless of their estimated value. Grants unlimited rights for digital and physical ads, social media publications, broadcast, and streaming worldwide. Allows transferring the license to the purchased items to a third party.

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