Training Methodology Specialist

Yaletown, Vancouver, BC Canada
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Do you like interacting with people, working with students from creative fields for the sake of their professional growth, sharing your experience and knowledge? You constantly invest in self-development and follow latest international artistic and educational trends? If yes, then your application will definitely interest us.


Your goal:

  • To create a set of techniques and methods to achieve the desired practical goal.
  • To develop training courses and programs. To plan the education and training of the author’s community, to coordinate its activities, to take care of advanced training of authors, to organize webinars, conferences, training courses, to create training materials, video presentations and video courses.


Your focus:

Advanced training of authors, arrangement of the learning process and authors’ interaction with Yellow Images products.



  • Create a training curriculum for our authors worldwide;
  • Arrange the interaction of authors with Yellow Images platform;
  • Create guides and manuals on the working principles of Yellow Images for our authors;
  • Develop training program scripts and methodology for authors and creative groups;
  • Organize educational activities and learning processes;
  • Maintain training groups;
  • Coordinate the process;
  • Analyse training process;
  • Supervise the training section and manage the Author’s Blog;
  • Run workshops, lectures, webinars;
  • Create a universal illustrative and video training material.


Soft skills:

  • Tutoring and organizational skills.
  • Awareness of modern teaching guides and methods;
  • You continuously educate yourself, learn new teaching methods and techniques;
  • Mentoring/coaching qualities;
  • Neatness, self-confidence, persuasiveness;
  • Good grammar both in written and spoken language;
  • Educational experience;
  • You know the basics of pedagogics and psychology;
  • Creativity and erudition;
  • Fluent Russian and English languages.



  • Experience in creative education for at least 3 years;
  • Experience in hosting a workshop and methodology creation.


It will be an advantage if you:

  • Understand the basics of business training;
  • Worked in a network company;
  • Have psychological and pedagogical skills;
  • Created a teaching methodology for creative groups;
  • Have community management and public speaking skills.

Have any questions? Please contact our Support Team we will be glad to help you.