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Team Leading and Teams

Team Leading and Teams

Yellow Images maintains the quality of the merchandised goods at the highest level. Each of 4 markets of the platform has its own features and requirements. To make sure that new authors could acclimatize better and start earning faster, Yellow Images has developed the team leading system. If you’re not yet a member of anyone’s team, don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this system.

Why do I need a team leader?

Team leader is an author at Yellow Images, who already sells their own products and who’s got the experience working with the platform. Their main mission is to help new authors get things going and start earning in the framework of the platform.

The team leader explains how the website functions, how to upload products, what are the requirements to files, how to package a better presentation, what to pay attention to while preparing a preview, etc. Whenever possible, in the beginning the team leader helps the author finalize mockups in Photoshop and set the renders (most relevant to Object Mockups section).

Why does team leader need it?

The team leader (like John at the example below) gets 20% of the first-level team sales, 10% of the second-level team sales, 5% of the third level, 3% of the 4th level, 2% of the 5th level and 1% of the 6th level. It’s important to point out, that the author’s share is not involved in here anyhow, the team leader’s interest comes from the Yellow Images bonus program.

For example, the mockup was purchased for $14.99 under the standard license, 50% of the price goes to the author of the purchased product (i.e. $7.49), and the team leader of this author will get 20% of another $7,49 (i.e. $1.49).

Team members can also create their own teams and provide a mentoring themselves. This way, the team leader’s creative network will grow and the income will increase.

The team leader benefits from tutoring and educating authors, the more interesting and high-quality works the team has, the higher their returns are.

How do I join a team?

Any author at Yellow Images can pick which team to join. There are several ways to make that possible:

  • get in touch with an author directly at their Yellow Images page via Message button
  • check author’s social media a lot of them share their works on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Dribble, Behance, etc.) and chat over there
  • reach out to Author Care Service at

To join a team of a specific author, ask them for a referral link and use it to sign up. If you already have an author account at Yellow Images, get in touch with

Can I build my own team?

Yes. Invite your friends, who might be interested in selling their works at Yellow Images. Tell them about our platform and increase your passive income by receiving payoffs from Yellow Images.

Is it possible to leave one team for another?

Yes, if there are grounds for that. It’s important to keep in mind, that the task of a team leader is to introduce you to Yellow Images system and to help you achieve a decent quality of works, so that they could pass the moderation and start to bring you profit. If the team leader has contributed their efforts into a team development, but can’t give you a tip about a very specific technical question (for example, because they use different software), it’s not a cause for changing a team leader.

Nonetheless, if it’s still necessary to switch over to another team, you should send an email to and attach the confirmation of consent both of your current and future team leaders.